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Kitten and Clover by Indiliel Kitten and Clover by Indiliel
One of many little kittens and big cats of my great aunt. There are nearly as many cats on her farm as there stars in the sky :XD: .
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norngirl Featured By Owner May 20, 2012
Aww kitty *.* !!
Does she manage to name all of the little ones ? ^^
Im curious what that ones named and if it's a he/she..well in anycase,it's precious,aww :heart:
Such a cute little "clover" cat : D
yes that sure would be a fitting name for that one allright,haha ^^
Indiliel Featured By Owner May 21, 2012
She has 8 cats that she bought and that stay in the house. Those ones have names. The ones outside do not, because there are so many. Those are just stray cats that she feeds. She lives on a really huge property and therefore there are around 100 cats on those grounds X_X. She wouldn't manage to name those all.

Also I think she should not let them multiply like that. But my great aunt is around 90 :D.
norngirl Featured By Owner May 21, 2012
Ooh I see ^^
aww I had once 8 cats too,but that was years ago ^^'

Ooh that surely explains it O.o'
aww but still she have the joy to have some more little cuties around,eh? ^^
It's nice to hear she is such a wonderful caring person :3

Ah yeah I know what you mean - we also neuture/spay our pets,
but yeah - it isn't quite cheap,nor can I understand that at that age she may not be able to keep up with that ^^'

ah well - she got some lovely feline company : D
I know I would swimm in happyness to be around cats *O*
Indiliel Featured By Owner May 22, 2012
It was pretty neat as I was there. But cats need enough room for themselves as they are not gregarious animals. The 8 in the house might have it a bit to tight (they're not aloud outside or in every room of the house).
Also noone is there to take care of the poor animals once she died, so it might be better, if they couldn't reproduce.
norngirl Featured By Owner May 23, 2012
Now you teach me another new word,as I never heard about the word gregarious XD I tried find some explenation of it,but I suppose it means social eh? Cats are social,but I do understand the part with so many cats (specialy not those not knowing each other too well or dosn't get along) would be happy to be cramped in a corner or so XD

hmm I see,perhaps the room they are allowed to has some big space for them to roam ^^ And of course,that the 8 goes well along too.
But indeed - a cat is happiest as he/she can be able to have enough space to move freely in :nod:

Ah yes thats so true - actuly I think it would be best if people could do that to stray adult cats too - as the poor cats and kittens suffer : ( *not all are kind people that take cares of strays,nor dosn't all people have enough money to spend food/vet and stuff on them either -_-
Indiliel Featured By Owner May 23, 2012
Gregarious can mean social, but in this case I meant more in terms of a herd. Like wolves in the wild would move around in groups.
But cats (with some exceptions like lions) would rather live alone and only meet with others for certain reasons (to mate, taking care of young etc.). Therefore cats would need more space to be alone then dogs, who won't mind to stay with each other all the time.
norngirl Featured By Owner May 23, 2012
aah okay ^^
thanks for clearing that up for me ^^
yeah google wasn't the most best to help me with the word,as it seem to have many meanings X_X'
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